Supervision plays an important role in continued professional development. 


It gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts in a confidential setting.

You bring to the session whatever it is that you find important in relation to your professional role.

The supervision is a forum for feedback and support. And is a great way to reduce workrelated stress.

If you solve a problem in one part of an organization, it can create a problem elswere in the system.  Every part of the system is interdependant of all the other parts and of the system as a whole.  A system always strives to maintain a balance.  Seen like that, an organization has a lot of similarities with a living organism and a biological system.

Group Supervision

For the workplace, or for a group of professionals working solo with a common need for group supervision. 


The group is a valuable source of strenght and collaboration while learning and developing together.  It can create increased consensus by giving each participant the opportunity to share and thereby open up a broader perspective.

Giving the group a safe space to focus on individual challenges and highlighting the resources. 


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